Nigerian Prophet Predicted Mugabe’s Resignation

A Nigerian Pastor Joshua Iginla reportedly predicted the ouster of long-time Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe stepped down on Tuesday to the waiting celebration of Zimbabweans after ruling the Southern African country for 37 years.

He threw in the towel amid strong pressure from the ruling party, Zanu-PF, who sacked him as its leader, opposing politician, and the country’s military.

And the aforementioned Nigerian cleric, who is reputed for predicting events, both local and international, said he foresaw Mugabe’s resignation earlier this year.

Vanguard reports that Iginla prophesied the fall of Mugabe during his church crossover service in 2017.

Iginla is reported to have repeated same on 14 of May and 2nd of July, 2017, during his church services.

“One of the African country needs to pray against military intervention, I don’t want to say South, North, East or West Africa but one of the African countries should pray against military intervention so that their democracy will not be truncated,” the Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja said.

“I see military intervention. I don’t know why they are intervening but what they are intervening for is between God and the future. “This country has to pray so they don’t go back to where they are coming from.”

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