Igbos Fought For Independence More Than 100 Years Ago – UK (Photos)

“Far from willingly conceding their territory to the military patrols, the people of Southeastern Nigeria opposed the British advance in more than three hundred pitched battles over a twenty year period, suffering at least ten thousand casualties.

[…] Although violent resistance could not halt the British advance, it was effective in moderating and speed and thoroughness of that advance and in enabling Southeastern Nigerians to retain a measure of self-determination over the rate at which they absorbed technological and other changes”

Robert D. Jackson (1975). The Twenty Years War, Invasion and Resistance in Southeastern Nigeria 1900-1919

Aro natives making road for us by order outside Bendi [Bende] Cutting bush with matchets” during the ‘Aro Punitive Expedition’, or Anglo-Aro war, 1901. British Museum

“Burning Arochuku”. A photo taken in what shortly became Southern Nigeria during The Aro Punitive Expedition of 1901 in which British African troops and their British commanders invaded the heart of the Aro Confederacy at Arochukwu.

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