Aunty MayMay Miss O Always Losing Friends

Is our  agony aunt column on MayMay. We launched this column in the early days of MMNB and periodically feature issues sent in by MMNB  readers. 
We hope the MMNB  family can offer insightful advice.

Hi everyone,

I’ve always been the reserved kind. I find it hard to make friends and even harder to keep in touch after making said friends.The only constant fixture in my life is my family. Looking back, I realise I always preferred my company to another person’s.

Recently though, I’m beginning to feel really lonely. The solitude I always craved doesn’t seem to work anymore. I don’t have much friends since all the friends I make at a stage of my life tend to disappear at the end of that stage.
I’m not very free with guys and being the kind of person that I am, relationships always seemed like a chore.I mean, you have to consider the person when making decisions. You have to create time, make calls etc

Now, I’m 22 and still schooling. I started to make attempts to connect with guys, but it’s like I lose interest after few weeks. When a small issue comes up, I just tell myself it’s not worth the stress, and I withdraw.

It’s the order of things now. I meet someone, develop an interest and we connect for a while; then, he does something I’m not very happy with, and my old self shows up. My friends say I’m cold and short tempered.
How do I adjust after avoiding them for so long?

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