Buhari’s Leadership Style is a threat to Nigeria

Buhari’s Leadership Style is a threat to Nigeria

By Nat Apir

The paradox of a anti corruption crusader and the contradictions of his leadership style are becoming a major threat to our collective existence as a people.

That there are evidently signs of retrograde amnesia, and a certain miasma that is oozing out from the seat of power – Aso Rock is no longer in doubt.

This miasma has dulled the senses of the chief occupant of Aso Rock and rendered him incapable of smelling the fresh air of peace. He is consequently experiencing, and or is subjected to fits and bouts of asphyxia that most times leaves him quarantined in the inner recesses of the Rock – that Rock named Aso.

While quarantined in the safety of the Rock he sees nothing,and hears nothing from the outside world, except that which his captors feed him with. It has been reported that he is also suffering from an unknown diseases, which for now we will classify as rainbow-phobia that is the inability to see Nigeria as made up of diverse ethnic nationalities, and not just the Fulani.

Good morning Nigeria. This too shall soon pass…

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