Nigeria Now A Meal Ticket For The Elite – Segun Adeniyi

The chairman of the Editorial Board of ThisDay newspapers, Segun Adeniyi, has described Nigeria as a country that, over the years, has become a victim of serial abuse and a meal ticket to many elites.

Adeniyi, who stated this as one of the speakers at the 2017 edition of The Platform, which is presently ongoing at the Covenant Christian Center, Iganmu, Lagos said that most of the conflicts in Nigeria are internal and self-induced.

While admitting that the state of our country today is enough to make many angry, Adeniyi, however begged that the anger must not be misdirected.

“If we must be angry as Nigerians, do not direct it to a tribe, race, gender…direct it at the greed and perversion that makes people deny others their opportunities,” he said.

“We need solidarity in Nigeria, despite our challenges, and we are already seeing progress. Pray for Nigeria. Do not speak evil words against this nation.

“We must see ourselves as allies in the battle to develop Nigeria for a charge bigger than any single one of us. Let’s not get distracted, must find ways to make government more efficient and effective,” he said.

Adeniyi also identified that education is the future while warning that If we do not invest in it we will have no country.

Adeniyi also said bad governance is not peculiar to the federal government but to states and local as well.

“There are no checks and balances at State and Local Government levels.

“Nigeria is/are those change agents taking it upon themselves to create positive change in their societies. We must find ways to make government more efficient and effective.

“A leader is one that can bring diversity together for the common good. Nigeria is like a family and families do sometimes experience disagreements,” he stated.

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